Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Angus Japanese Steak House

I was at KL again, i am craving for Angus beef, my friend recommended me to try The Angus Japanese Steak  House. They got some branchs at Singapore and KL, but not in Jakarta, so sad! :( So, we decided to go to Pavilion, at that time just opened two months!

The menu was quite straight forward. It was either steak, seafood, salad or pasta. Steak came in a a few sizes starting with 150 grams up to 300 grams. They have a dinner set menu which comes with hors d'ouvres (I wish my spell was right), salad, a main of either grilled King Prawns with Cod fish or Tenderloin Steak with Lamb Rack. We ordered both.

The Menu

Crusty Bread Roll with soft butter

The restaurant was quite empty and so service was very brisk and attentive. First came the bread - a hot piece of crusty bread roll served with soft butter. Absolutely delicious! We were off to a good start.

Then came the carrot soup (better didn't take the picture!). It didn't look impressive - pinkish cream soup with no other garnishing. I was expecting a strong carrot taste in the soup but was pleasantly surprised that it didn't really taste like a carrot soup instead anyone taking a blind taste test may have mistaken it for pumpkin. Creamy and silky... Just enough to whet my appetite further.

Grilled Shrimp serve with Tomato Salsa and Water Cress, Cucumber Rossette with piped in Mash Potatoes
Grilled Shrimp serve with Tomato Salsa and Water Cress, Cucumber rosette with piped in Mash Potatoes. The presentation was quite impressive i.e. shrimp mounted on top of the cucumber strips and generous drizzle of tomato salsa which tasted like the sweet and sour sauce from a chilly crab dish. The combination was a thriller! The sweet and sour sauce, slightly spicy, the soft yet tender cucumber strips, the creamy mash potato, the nutty flavor from the water cress and the crunchy shrimp. I am quite impressed so far.

The salad, a simple spread of cucumber, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and carrot strips topped with bonito flakes drizzled with a soy sauce based vinegar dressing. It was not disappointing but I had to stomp on the brakes as I was expecting more creativity in the salad but anyway, a salad is a salad...

Tenderloin Steak
They will serve the main course and I prayed that it would not disappoint (caused very pricy!). The tenderloin was well cooked, soft and juicy. I wished I could afford the Wagyu set, which was double the price and it would be more fatty as the tenderloin is missing some good marbling in a good piece of meat. Nevertheless, still very good with the herb butter. The lamb rack was at most average for me.

Grilled King Prawns
The King prawns were grilled to perfection. Most of the time, I find grilled prawns undercooked and it is such an appalling taste. This time, it was great. Even the prawn heads were slightly salted and the roe was nicely cooked. The piece of cod was soft and delicious - skin side crispy and inside soft and flaky. A little squeeze of lemon gave it a little more spike. 

Berry Yoghurt Sponge Cake mixed Fruit Salsa, Mint Leaf, Milk and White Chocolate
The dessert was a piece of Berry Yoghurt Sponge Cake with Mixed Fruit Salsa, Mint leaf,Milk and White Chocolate. A great combination of flavors for the palate to bring the meal to an end.

It is not a cheap meal but for the quality of food, I think it was worth every cent!

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