Wednesday, May 9, 2012

La Biere, Guiness Time!

Friday night again, time to chill out with friends.. Free dinner at La Biere, French bar and restaurant located at Central Park Mall, West Jakarta. Big thanks to Puly! You are always be our hero for free entertain night but we must order Guiness products, not a big deal for us :)

La Biere

New Menu Book at La Biere

I was very hungry, we argue too long time, which place to have dinner first before our long night to hoping several bar which sell Guiness product in our area. So, I ordered Spicy Prawn Angel Hair Pasta Aglio Olio. The representation looks not too nice, I could see the angel hair bit overcook, so I couldn't get "al dente" angel hair, bit dissappointed about it.

Not just the angel hair pasta, the prawn looks too dry and I think not fresh, and the bread is too dry, they must put some butter, and I was very dissappointed for my pasta before I eat it. And, finally time to eat, I was very dissapointed! The prawn was not fresh at all, too dry, not juicy and in my opinion the prwan was on the freezer more than 3 days. The smell is not good, prawn meat already wrecked (not melted) after you bite it. And they chili symbol on the menu is not a joke, very spicy for Italian food, the cayenne pepper bit help the prawn's taste. And the angel hair was mushy! How come they serve food like this? 5/10 for the prawn angel hair and 6/10 for the carbonara.

I was try Puly's food, beef carbonara pasta, and very cheesy, fatty and not look like Italian food. The taste also not good, again I was very dissapointed. This is not the first time I come to La Biere, but I never order pasta before, so this is my first time to order pasta, and I suggest you all to don't order their pasta. I ordered their pizza before, I was like it, thin, crunchy, full topping and taste good, i give 7/10.

Guiness for drink

Next we was order drum stick for snack, the drum stick looks nice, and the taste was good, we was very like it, 7.5/10.

And finally, the fajitas which ordered by Wita. I never order the fajitas before but the fajitas smell good. It server with avocado and tomato sauce, very fresh. The fajita serves with beef, paprika, onion, carrot, and scallion on the hot plate. Wita also get three crepes to wrap it. I tried the meat on the hot plate, and the taste same with the smell, it was really good, I give 7.8/10! For fajitas, my favorite still in Chili's restaurant.

After my dissappointed opinion, I think La Biere still my favorite place to hangout in friday night. We can't blame them caused La Biere is not Italian Restaurant, but as France they must have high standard for their food but La Biere is a bar. And of course, rarely to get good food in bar, do you agree? :)

After La Biere, we went to Pivo for next Guiness visit mission, this place is really disguisting, you must put Pivo on your blacklist place. Small place, smelly, and the bartender was horrible, can't serve good drink. And their price not cheap at all, same as La Biere, so I prefer hangout at La Biere with good ambience, good service and not smell bad at all.

Puly, we are waiting your next invitation for next bar :)

Dee for Guiness Time!

And in the end, we must take a photo on Guiness booth, and join the Guiness Time competition to get an ipad 2. I will share the link, please vote for me! Thanks all!

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