Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dee, Chinese New Year Eve 2013 Dinner

Shabu - Shabu
Big bowl of Meat Balls


Sea cucumber, leeks, spleen fish, carrot, dan chicken

Shark fin soup
Brocolli, leeks, and chicken

Traditional fried chicken (red onieon & onion spice)

Pig flank, sea cucumber, shitake mushroom, onien with oyster sauce

home made sweet sour sauce for spring roll & chili sauce

vinegar and soy sauce with chili padi
Ready to CNY dinner
Start the party with Red Wine

All foods are cooked by my mom's. Chinese new year always remembering me that I still have a family who always wait for me at home. HOME SWEET HOME. Since I was young until now, we always have CNY dinner at home. Time to remember what had we donealong the year.

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