Saturday, March 16, 2013

How Much?

How much you should pay for this things? 
How much you paid for your lunch? 
How much you paid for your rent? 

This how much question, usually ask by someone to us, and usually we will answer without feeling guilty.
But, the next how much question, will make you feel uncomfortable to answer it.

"How much you get paid by your company per month?"

The most common question, if you meet your friends, your family, your relatives and who are usually asking this question, yes it is a habit for somebody who live in the earth, they will ask you after asking where are you working.

For me, it is very difficult to answer, instead of my parents don't know how much my company pay for me. They noticed that I never ask money for them, it means I have a good pay from my company. And they never asking to give some part of my salary to them ;)

The confidential things, become a habit from somebody who usually want to know. Yes, they like to know anything especially for salary you gain! I don't know what the advantage of them to know the answer. Dude, you will not get anything if you know my salary.. Please.. Don't need to ask...

In our company, everyone also want to know how their colleagues deal with the company. Oh man... Everybody like to be kaypooooh.. Especially, for the new join employee, with "special hire" tag, they will be the gossip artist of the month in the pantry :))

I am not interested with "how much" question, I am more interested with "how could" they get it. Some achievement should be rewarded. If they can get good deal, okay, I will get it also!

So dear readers, please stop asking me with "how much" question. As long as I don't debt you anything. Please please....

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