Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dee, Baikohken

Location: Baikohken (Takashimaya Branch)
Ngee Ann City Tower A 391A Orchard Road B2
Takashimaya Food Hall Unit B2-01-04
Singapore 238873

Charsiew Pork with Tamago Egg (SGD 19)

Itadakimasu. As usual, I like to try Ramen restaurant in any style at Singapore, so I was try Baikohken (hope I spell it in right way). This time, I will to try another style on reviewing (give me comment, if you don't like). ^^

Menu : Shio Charsiew Ramen with Tamago Eggs

Soup : (3/10)
Hmm... I think that I ordered pork soup, but taste like chicken soup with lots of MSG! How come Singapore restaurant served food like this? Very poor, I don't like it.

Noodles? Why not ramen? : (4/10)
I think that I ordered ramen, not instant noodles. Looks like Maggie, and Indonesia Indomie, taste better..

Porks : (6.5/10)
Not very tender, Marutama still the best! Bit salty ( I don't like salty food), but fresh meat.

Egg : (7/10)
The egg was very good, perfect cook Tamago, very tender, taste good.

Beansprouts : (5/10)
I told you all before, the best beansprouts at Ramen Nation, and this one with the price, the beansprouts is not good at all

Portion : (7/10)
The portion is really BIG, but unfortunately poor taste and not cheap also (SGD 19), but I got very big pork slices meat! The bowl was jammed, full with pork and noodles. It was very difficult to flip anything and fear of the soup spilling over the sides of the bowl or the eggs tumbling down, honestly they do better to use bigger bowl! The bowl is too small. You need extra minutes to finish the ramen.

Service : (6/10)
Just like another restaurant at Singapore, long queue, and not easy to find place to eat.

Price : (5/10)
SGD 19, poor soup and noodles, many restaurants better than this place.

Overall (5.5/10)
Honestly this is another rarely restaurant, serve real thing bigger than the picture! For Ramen costed about SGD 19, they must improve many things, especially on their soup and noodles, not using MSG and buy bigger bowl. If their cost about SGD 10 like Indonesian Ramen Restaurant, maybe still can cosider to revisit, but for SGD 19, I think better say goodbye (/.\)

NB : They didn't serve hot Ocha! I don't know why...

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Surya said...

Itu charsiew pork with tamago kayaknya enak banget!