Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dee, Supper at Pizza e Birra

Here we go again De'readers, it was Thursday, and as usual is our movie day at Blitz Megaplex, Central Park Mall. But this time, I am not telling story about the movie day, but I am talking about our supper after enjoying the movie. Yeah, we got supper at Pizza e Birra at Tribeca Park, Central Park Mall. Hmm... Actually I was not hungry, so JV wanna to try Pizza e birra, craving for some veggies, and here we go...

Pizza e Birra located same place with Kitchenette, Ismaya group,  and we know that Ismaya always bit pricey in price, but still okay lar... service, ambience usually good. By the way, Pizza e Birra got promo from  Monday to Thursday at Happy Hour 9 PM until closing (1 AM next day), Carlsberg beer buy 3 get 2 just for IDR 100,000.- and Liquor just for IDR 59,000.- for 2 glasses. Very affordable! For Monday beer just IDR 10,000.- per glass, for Wednesday buy 1 get 1 flavoured beer for ladies, and I forgot the promo for Tuesday and Thursday =3

Dining Set

Happy hour, buy 3 get 2 (IDR 100K), 2 glasses liquor (IDR 59K) Monday - Thursday


Altoguh we came after 9 PM, we didn't want to order the happy hour deal, just 2 peoples can drink, and tomorrow still Friday ar, and didn't want drink any liquir, so I decided to order flavour beer, raspberry & lemon flavour beer. Mild beer, light raspberry and bit sour from the lemon, hmm... Refreshing... I wish it was Friday dude...

Raspberry & Lemon flavour beer

Flavour Beer

And for the food, we ordered Baldy's Special Salad, Portugese Chicken Wing,  and Viva la Vida Fajita. For the Baldy's Special Salad (IDR 45,000.-), the taste is just so so, maybe we are too late in the late night, the veggies not too fresh, but their sauce was really good. Portugese Chicken Wing (IDR 35,000.-), the taste is okay lar, not too expensive for 'bar food', big size, and the BBQ sauce is good. Next for the Viva la Vida Fajita, hmmm.. really not look like Fajita as I knew, I think look like very big curry puff! The taste, euuuw... jalapeno not fresh, tomato dressing not fresh, the chicken overcook, avocado not fresh, what else? aaah... Not good at all! :o)

Baldy's Special Salad

Portugese chicken Wing with BBQ sauce and Baldy Special Salad
Viva la Vida Fajita


IMHO, Pizza e Birra is good place to hangout, bit price food, but very cheap on happy hour. Taste of the food is good, depend on the chef, I like heir pizza, rissoto or pasta. I like their service and the restaurant ambience is very cozy. I don't judge not good base on my last visit to this place, I had some good experience there, especially at Pizza e Birra at Setiabudi, maybe I will revisit for review their pizza at Central Park Mall. See you guys...

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