Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dee, Ramen Nation, Jurong Point

I was at Jurong Point Mall Singapore, I don't know what to eat here. I don't like the mall, too crowded and long queue in every restaurant! At least 10 peoples, queueing in front of in every restaurant at the mall, even the chinese food restaurant maybe go more than 20 peoples! My friend said the food is not cheap, but it nice, I am still thinking, how nice the food make it worthed to queue for about an hour? Ah, I don't want to try, just find a short queue restaurant for me. I wanted japanese food, craving for ramen. Honestly I want Marutama Ramen, but I must go to Clarke Quay, then forget it, just find Ramen Restaurat/Japanese restaurant at Jurong Point and the shortest queue.

My friends asked me to queue at Ichiban Sushi. Do you kidding me??! Even at Jakarta I don't want to eat at Ichiban Sushi, and now you are asking me to queue at Ichiban Sushi for more than 20 peoples still queueing there?! Aiyooooh! I prefer don't eat anything lar.. Hahaha... But all Japanese restaurant is full, everywhere is queueing! I was hungry and I prefer the shortest queue, and I found the Ramen Nation was the shortest queue, 'just' 8 peoples in the queue. Okay, we were IN!

By the way, just for me or us, mostly Singaporean doesn't allow to take picture at the mall or restaurant. Altough I took my camera, I didn't be allowed to take any pictures there. But, I tried to take picture from my Blackberry without any voice and nobody know! I wanna share it for you, and you! Yes, you! My dearest readers. Hahaha...

Ramen Nation

And here we go, I ordered the Kyoto Pork Charsiew Ramen. The ramen served with Kyoto Ramen, 5 slices of pork charsiew, bean sprouts, half boiled egg, seaweed, and chives. I added sesame oil, pepper, soyu sauce and bit fish oil there.. And taraaa... I like the ramen soup! The pork soup is nice, the balance of seasoning and ingridients are good, not like Hakata Ikkousha which full with lard, euuuw.. I swear it was the first and last one I taste Hakata Ikkousha! The ramen at Ramen Nation, hmmm.. not too nice, just like Indonesian bakmi, so nothing special. The pork charsiew is good, but Marutama Ramen still the best one! But the most interesting ingridient there is bean sprouts! Yeah, the best bean sprouts ever in the soup. I don't know how to describe it, but the bean sprouts was really chewy on the mouth, and the texture was so good. It must be boiled perfectly by the chef. I will try to get the same texture and taste someday!

Kyoto Pork Charsiew Ramen

For the side dish, I ordered Chicken Karage, fried boneless chicken breast, and just so so. I am too full by the ramen. The side dished cost me SGD 5.50, yeah bit too expensive for side dish. (6/10)

Chicken Karage (Boneless Breast)

The ramen is not cheap, SGD 17.90 per portion for 5 slices or pork charsiew. I think a bit overprice if comparing with Indonesian price, but for Singapore price, it was worthy for every cent you paid. It was finger licking good if you ordered the bean sprouts soup! Hahaha.. But, I was eat ramen, not bean sprout soup, so SGD 17.90 was overprice! (6.5/10) If you compare with Sanpachi, yeah for me Ramen Nation is better than Sanpachi or Hakata Ikkousha, Ajisen or Gokana ramen not on my list at all.

By the way, I want to try Santouka Ramen at Plaza Indonesia, it opened at 16 May 2012 at Plaza Indonesia Mall. Sentouka Ramen is Hokkaido style ramen. They just served 20 portion pork cheek's everyday, due to very limited supply at Indonesia. So, just wait my review for Santouka Ramen, I wish I can try soon their pork cheek. Be patient!

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