Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dee, Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter (2012) Trailer

21 June 201, Thursday, time for watching movie. I checked the cinema schedule, Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter (ALVH) on cinema since 20 June 2012 in Jakarta. So, I checked IMDB to read the review, I was bit surprise, ALVH still coming soon at there, will be release at 22 June 2012. So, Indonesia and Malaysia are the first one on release ALVH. Woow... 

The film re-imagines the life of Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker), the 16th President of the United States, as a president by day, and the vampire hunter at night. The young Abraham witnesses the death of his mother, who is killed by a supernatural creature. This leads him on a path to an ongoing war against vampires, as these creatures plan to take over his beloved country.

I don't want talking about the storyline, yeah I think non sense talking about Abraham Lincoln as the vampire hunter, I believe in vampire or any creature like alien, zombie, nothing is impossible in this world (except we still can't breath without oxygen), but I don't want to talk or debate about it now, just say "maybe" the story is true. Let's make the Holywoodization closes to use, just believe it (lol).

ALVH was good for me, good enough than I expected, slasher, thriller, so I feel excited while watching this movie. How Abraham keep a grudge to his mother killer, and trained well for vengeance, but the truth is more complicated than he though, everything doing good until something happened. How Abraham study about law while working as a shopkeeper, Abraham speech for the worker, how Abraham maintain his friendship, his family and do for his nation.

I enjoyed every minutes of this movie, enjoying what Timur Bekmanbetov serves us about 105 minutes along the movie. Story telling is good, not too fast or slow. The story of Abraham is well represented (except the vampire, we never hear it before). Not boring at all for me. I don't know how to tell more without any spoiler for this movie, at least this movie showing us how Abraham struggles to make all of Negroid workers free.

I also enjoying every scenes, how the director give us description of the early 19th century, it was representing well. The costume, make-up, and cast are well enough. For slasher/thiller lover, you must watch this movie. Very entertaining, lots of surprise and blood. I give 7.5/10 for this movie. Don't bring your kids for watching this movie, please...

We must always have back up plan

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