Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dee, Become Pinoy with Mickey Bustos

Few days ago, I watched some videos at youtube from Mickey Bustos.. This guy is very funny especially with his Pinoy accent. I googled about Mickey Bustos, he was Canada Idol contestants season 1, so he is a singer. And everyone at Philiphines can sing! Really?? Errmm.... I think so.. 

Now Mickey Bustos is a comedian too! Yah.. Very funny.... From youtube become a star at Philiphines. From his video, I am trying to learn some Tagalog or Pinoy accent, how they spell d,t, p,v, f, u, o with very Pinoy.

Just check Mikey Bustos video's! Mabuhay! Salamaaat! Cuuusss! It is very entertaining naks!

Filipino accent tutorial

Filipino One Day old turorial

Pinoy dining tutorial

Pinoy Traveler tutorial

How to drink coffee in Pinoy way

How to look flawless in pinoy way

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