Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dee, working in Sunday

Al Mathaf Tower 8th floor, Doha. First day training in Doha, woke up early, couldn't sleep after 3 AM, my body clock still Jakarta time. Tried to sleep, wash my face, then back to sleep. Hopefully this Sunday will not be too hard for me. Yeah, I'm in Doha, alone, and I'm Indonesian Chinese.

Its very difficult to find Karwa Taxi at hotel, and they didn't know where is Al Mathaf Tower, I was waiting for more than half hours, got 3 taxies driver didn't know where is Al Mathaf. So, I need to use car service from my hotel, which will cost me very expensive, about QAR 60, just for 4.5 km. The good news is my company will pay it later for me. Feel so good :)

Al Mathaf location, is the new place at downtown of Doha. Not yet become popular area, the view is very nice, we can see sea, yatch, boat from our office. Very enjoyable place to work.

Everyone are busy with their work, I come to one person to another, to got some techinical training for our application which applied in QNB Kesawan. Rule number 1, act like innocent, let them telling what they want to share with you, don't force them, and make them like very smart. Just one rule to survive in Qatar. And yeah, I will follow this rule.

My first 3 hours at office, still okay.. Will update later... And no lunch break at QNB Doha... Ciaaao...

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