Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dee, Ichiban Japanese Restaurant - Tanjung Duren

Sunday, 2 March 2014, Ondy will treat me for his post degree graduation day few weeks ago. And we are craving for Japanese food, and found that Japanese restaurant just opened few days back nearby my area. So we decided to try it.

Ichiban, sound bit familiar, I don't know related with Ichiban Sushi chain's or not, but the logo and interior is different.

My first impression when I saw the menu list is "wooow so cheap!, is it eatable?", Okay, we will not know if we don't dare to try. what! they have sambal sauce in house, I never trust japanese restaurant with sambal sauce x))

We ordered some fussion roll, california - rainbow salmon - crunchy - chicken katsu - fish katsu, beef spicy ramen, sake sashimi, steamed gyoza, unfortunately chuka idako was out of stock and they don't serve unagi (it is a big minus).

Sashimi 20K - 27K
Sushi roll around 15K - 32K.
Udon 13K - 35K
Ramen 20K - 27K
Tempura Set 25K - 40K
Bento Set 25K - 40K
Appetizer 10K -25K

very cheap!!

Okay, first I will try the sashimi, fresh and eatable, good impression

Next, they serve our sushi roll, Bit plain for the california and rainbow salmon, but chicken katsu roll is my favorite, 15K with tender chicken, where dan you get like this?! 

I didn't take photo of beef spicy ramen, only 26K, the taste is good, clear soup without lard.. x)

So, overall I give 7/10 for this restaurant, the biggest plus is price with all dishes we ordered, only 165K, I will come often for dinner after back from office with this cheap price. I will try another menu, and maybe can recommended another menu.

Ichiban Japanese Restaurant
Tanjung Duren Utara 4
Nearby Pisang Ijo Pemuda

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