Monday, October 17, 2011

If you can choose citizen, prefer Indonesian or Singaporean?

Today, i meet my Singaporean friends at Plaza Senayan. Having a hi-tea, chit-chat a while,... Yeah i miss them so much.. Finally can meet them again, altough must struggle with Jakarta traffic jam. They like to talk about Indonesian culture. They really love Indonesia.

They have been interested with our traffic police. This is classic style that we can't see at other city. If the police gone, we can see, the traffic will be so terrible.

Then, i introduced them about our "3in1". They say thanks for me to introduce about the "3 in 1 road". Very funny while watching some car get stopped by the police, or picking up stranger from the road. I feel it bit weird..

They also think that i am weird, cause i more sleepy after drink coffee! *(/.\) maybe so rarely can meet people like me.

They also cristism about Malaysia, claim our Borneo island border... Malaysian oh Malaysian.. "Batik, Arwana, Sipadan, Rendang, etc". I just can smile :)

And one question from them, make me be quiet for about 10 seconds
"Which citizen you will choose, Indonesian or Singaporean?"
After thinking a while, i said "Indonesian". Yes, i am proud be Indonesian, altough our goverment and birocrachy is really s*ck, i still love Indonesia. Altough hard to get visa as Indonesian, i still love Indonesia nature, kind, classic, wonderful.

As a singaporean, they love to walk! YES! We walk from Plaza Senayan to Mulia Hotel Senayan! First time for me! They enjoyed walking over there.. See how crowded the traffic, Indonesian peoples. I think, i am doing a good job today! :)

Next month see you again ya! Hope can join Bali at December.

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